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Crafty Beavers Chicago Meet Up

I joined the Chicago Crafty Beavers for my first meeting this week. It was lots of fun to meet and craft with other like minded ladies over some drinks. We decoupaged a square of plywood from magazine cut outs, made some pretty buttons, and also did some drawings for a cookbook to raise money for the Apna Ghar Battered Women’s Shelter. There are several craft meet ups going on within the Crafty Beavers Chicago group, so if your a crafty lady in Chicago you should totally join us for some crafty fun!


Fatty the Cat

Last week I went back home to Australia to attend a dear friend’s wedding. It was a bit of a whirlwind trip, but I managed to meet a pretty rad cat named Fatty during the short time I was there. There’s definitely more than meets the eye to this adorable persian. He gets up to a bit of mischief and has all sorts of adventures. Take a look!


Jim Henson’s Fantastic World

I love this little guy. Not to mention all of Jim Henson’s other creations too…!

I went to see the marvelous Jim Henson’s Fantastic World exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry a few weeks ago. It totally brought me back to my childhood and it was interesting to see Jim’s other work in in the late 50’s and 60’s, like the commercial for Wilkins coffee. Hilarious!

Having studied fashion design, I really appreciated all of the detail that went into the making of his characters and their clothes. Particularly the intricate costumes from ‘The Dark Crystal’.

It’s a bit sad that Jim is no longer around to create new characters and witty story lines, but at least his legacy will be carried through generations to come. All in all it was definitely an enjoyable and awe-inspiring exhibition. Jim Henson, I salute you!

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Burdastyle Happy!

My Happy Tape post a few months back has been reblogged by BurdaStyle Inspirations. Yay!

I have been a huge BurdaStyle fan for about 4 years now and was happily surprised to find my post on such a great inspiration board.