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Forest, For the Trees Exhibit

BELOW: a piece from the Future Studio Gallery in LA

I am contributing a knitted piece to what will be an amazing exhibition in the fall called, “Forest, For the Trees”. My contribution will form part of a cohesive whole that will remain intact.

One of the curators, Amy Caterina, explains that “Forest, For the Trees” hopes to address the wonders and perils of the forest by creating an environment which is at once unique and fantastic, dangerous and bizarre, and by acknowledging that one day the built environment may be all that’s left us.

Amy was also part of another marvelous exhibition earlier on in the year called “In/VISIBLE”. Here are some photos from the event:

I’m really excited to start knitting some branches, moss, and leaves for “Forest, For the Trees”. It’s time to hit my knitting pattern books to develop some stitches for them! I will post some progress photos once I get started. Stay tuned.

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Sew La Tea Do

Crochet, knitting, sewing – everything I love. Now in a SUPER cute book called “Sew La Tea Do” by Pip Lincolne.

Not only does Pip write for my favorite magazine back home in Australia, Frankie, she also has a gorgeous shop in Melbourne called Meet Me at Mike’s. It’s no wonder why I want this book so bad, I know I will love it! It has 25 projects including a picnic blanket, cushion covers from second hand shirts, pretty clothes, origami wallets, and woodland animal pillowcases.

Bad news is that it has only just been released in Australia. Ughh please distribute in the US soon!


Severed Finger For You

For those of you that are holding Halloween parties this year, here is a great idea for a Halloween invitation brought to you by Martha Stewart. It is a ghastly yet elegant way of presenting your severed finger to your friends, without the need to actually cut your finger off.

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Get Your Knitting On

It is now Fall, and the leaves are turning into pretty hues of yellow and orange. This also means that Winter is just around the corner and it is time to get my knitting on.

I bought a Debbie Bliss knitting magazine over the weekend and stumbled upon these AMAZING knitted Nike sneakers! They were made by Connie Wright for London based studio THIS IS as a part of the Nike78 Project. Connie’s skills are seriously impressive and these have to be the coolest sneakers around – even if you can’t wear them..