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Forest, For the Trees Exhibit

BELOW: a piece from the Future Studio Gallery in LA

I am contributing a knitted piece to what will be an amazing exhibition in the fall called, “Forest, For the Trees”. My contribution will form part of a cohesive whole that will remain intact.

One of the curators, Amy Caterina, explains that “Forest, For the Trees” hopes to address the wonders and perils of the forest by creating an environment which is at once unique and fantastic, dangerous and bizarre, and by acknowledging that one day the built environment may be all that’s left us.

Amy was also part of another marvelous exhibition earlier on in the year called “In/VISIBLE”. Here are some photos from the event:

I’m really excited to start knitting some branches, moss, and leaves for “Forest, For the Trees”. It’s time to hit my knitting pattern books to develop some stitches for them! I will post some progress photos once I get started. Stay tuned.

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Crafty Beavers Chicago Meet Up

I joined the Chicago Crafty Beavers for my first meeting this week. It was lots of fun to meet and craft with other like minded ladies over some drinks. We decoupaged a square of plywood from magazine cut outs, made some pretty buttons, and also did some drawings for a cookbook to raise money for the Apna Ghar Battered Women’s Shelter. There are several craft meet ups going on within the Crafty Beavers Chicago group, so if your a crafty lady in Chicago you should totally join us for some crafty fun!


Pretty in Pink Necklace

Here’s a peek of a cotton crocheted necklace I made last weekend. I played with a mix of different stitches – shells, double crochet, and crochet beading – and came up with this romantic piece for the Spring time. I also added some ox silver chain, bicone glass beads, and 14K gold plated beads to create a more polished and wearable jewelry piece.



After months of knitting, crocheting, and testing, my french phone is finally done!

It will be showing at the Threadless Art Show this Friday, April 1, 2011. Come down to Threadless headquarters at 4pm (if you are in the Chicago area) to check out the wonderful art by a handful of talented Threadless employees. There will also be food and a foosball tournament!

For more info and photos, please go to my ‘Projects‘ section.

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edited March 31, 2011

Correction. The Threadless Art Show/Meetup will start from 6pm on Friday!


Progress on Art Show Project

My french rotary phone for the work gallery is coming along. Here are some shots of the handset. I used both knitted stitches as well as crochet to help shape the different parts.

The frame that will hold the handset up will prove to be difficult, but I think (and hope!) that I will be able to pull it off. I’m pretty happy with the progress so far and will post more photos soon.

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Edited March 27, 2011

Please see the “Projects” section for photos of my finished french rotary phone.


French Phone Prototype

I bought a vintage french rotary phone online and received it in the mail last week. I absolutely love it!

I’m using it as a model to make a knitted version for our staff show in January, so it’s time to get my knitting on. Stay tuned to see the result.